Covid-19 Update: What We’re Doing

It’s far from an easy time for anybody, especially within our sector. The situation is ever-changing, but at Regency, we continue to support and service all our customers that have remained open, while planning for the future once this unprecedented time comes to an end.

How we are currently working

We’re currently operating four days a week, Tuesday to Friday, but our phones and emails are manned as usual. Please do to get in contact if you have any queries - we will, as always, be delighted to help. 

Most of the Regency team have been furloughed, however we are operating with a skeleton crew. We are extremely careful of respecting social distancing guidelines within the laundry, which at the moment is relatively easy as we only have 10% of our team currently working throughout our 20,000 sq. ft factory!

LATEST UPDATE: In line with Government guidelines, we're delighted to announce that our Shop on Lower Bristol Road will reopen from 1st June. We have also introduced an Express Drop Off Service for laundry parcels for any customers that would prefer to not enter the shop. 

What we’ve been up to since lockdown

Initially we remained open for our customers who were classed in the ‘essential services’ category.  However, this week,  we have recommenced our domestic door-to-door delivery service (socially distanced as per Government guidelines).  We also plan to open our retail shop on Lower Bristol Road in due course - once we have made some alterations to the reception area and have revised a safe system of work for our team.  We are now set up for thermo-chemical disinfection for pillows, duvets and mattress toppers. We  are also able to process flannels, bed throws, and staff uniforms. 

How we’re preparing for the ‘new normal’

As hospitality businesses start to re-open, we will be ready and prepared to continue to provide our service for you. However like pretty much every other business in the world, we will be conducting some of the ways we work in slightly different ways.  Some of which include:

Socially-distanced delivery/collection protocols

Strict PPE guidelines for our delivery drivers (face masks, gloves)

Full PPE protocol for all laundry operatives (aprons, overalls, gloves, visors, masks)

Creating new changing rooms – meaning no personal clothing is allowed on factory floor

Staggered breaks to allow for social distancing in staff rooms

More service calls & meetings via online platforms (Zoom/Microsoft Teams/Skype)

Reviewing current packaging and options for introducing additional protection.


The science behind eradicating Covid-19 in the wash

Initially, it was thought that thermal disinfection, achieving a temperature of 71oC for a period of over three minutes, was enough to kill the virus, however recent reports from leading industry experts suggest to eradicate Covid-19 from textiles it is also critical to disinfect by chemical means.  

As soon as Covid-19 hit, we raised our wash temperatures to over 71oC therefore we’re confident that we are effectively nullifying all viruses and bacteria in our processing.  Our wash chemical supplier applies chemical disinfection in a process called Thermo-Chemical Disinfection, so we are taking a comprehensive ‘belt and braces’ approach to the laundering of all items that we process.

In this together

As businesses in the hospitality industry consider their options for re-opening, it is likely that substantial emphasis will be placed upon housekeeping teams to ensure they can prove the cleanliness of laundry, while also potentially increasing the frequency of cleaning.  

As your laundry concierge, we will of course do our utmost to help you achieve these objectives.  Please let us know if we can be of assistance to you throughout this difficult time. If you have any recommendations on how we can best assist you, we welcome any suggestions you may have.  All ideas are welcome, after all, we’re in this together.  

Stay safe. 

Stuart Calder, Managing Director